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Since 27 years Via Medica creates tools enabling modern medical education.

Nearly 50 regular medical journals, numerous web services, over 8450 hours of shared educational video materials and 1300 organised conferences – our output has been consistently influencing the more effective medical treatments.


We deliver the most up-to-date, comprehensive, and carefully laid down medical information to the doctors and patients.

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We became a leader in the aspect of the organisation of subject matter academic conferences and among the publishing houses thanks to a daily effort of over 150 qualified employees.

An investigation directed by the University of Minnesota demonstrates that the 33 percent decrease in Medicare Indirect Medical Education throughout the following five years set into movement by the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 will cost Minnesota's showing foundations $100 million throughout the following five years. Also, an expanding measure of patient consideration dollars are being lost as the medicinal services market turns out to be progressively focused, putting more prominent money related strain on instructing foundations. Encouraging projects in Minnesota made with the great help of free resource for writing have demonstrated that a therapeutic specialist in an instructing organization must see 25 percent more patients to get a similar income the individual in question completed two years prior. Except if such establishments get extra financing, such restorative specialists should either invest less energy with every patient, which would diminish the nature of consideration given to these patients; invest less time with occupants and students, lessening the nature of instruction these students and inhabitants get; or decrease the measure of therapeutic research the person can direct. While the incomes accessible for restorative training are declining, the expenses of therapeutic instruction are expanding, because of the expansion in learning the present medicinal experts are required to acquire, and changes in the human services conveyance framework. To address the issues of the present therapeutic experts, restorative instruction projects need to consolidate a few zones of concentrate that were not as firmly stressed or not issues years back, for example, preventive drug, nourishment, elective treatments, progressed logical learning and the activity of medicinal devises oversaw care, data innovation, and the matter of human services. Such changes increment the expenses of therapeutic training. The expenses of clinical preparing are expanding because of the move towards network based instruction required by the adjustment in Minnesota's medicinal services conveyance framework. Clinical preparing is increasingly costly at littler network preparing destinations in light of the fact that such locales don't have the economies of scale that huge preparing locales profit by. It is significant that medicinal instruction is sufficiently supported during these changing occasions to maintain a strategic distance from a disintegration in the nature of restorative training gotten by tomorrow's human services experts.

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